Ground Roof Dimensions (in feet) : x (Measure and enter length and width of the roofing section/building from the ground)
Roofing Pitch:
Relative Roof Difficulty:
Roofing material:
Tear off/Strip existing roof:

Approximate Roofing project amount in dollars:

Everything we touch, everything we see, involves dimensions - the measure of how long something is, or how wide, or how tall.

And everything we build - from banging together a spice rack to constructing the tallest skyscraper - requires working with dimensions. Consider this simple example:

12' 7 - 5/8" + 3' 9 - 1/2" = 16' 5 - 1/8"

Even the smallest project requires dozens of these calculations - imagine the workload for building an entire house! Toss in calculations for square feet/cubic feet and suddenly you're talking about a major headache.

Working with dimensions used to require hand-converting your values to some decimal representation (always remembering what kind of value you're converting to - decimal feet? decimal inches?), then entering those figures into a calculator, then converting your answer back to the original format, and who wants to do that all day long?

You've got better things to do. BuilderCalc frees you from this mind-numbing chore, so you can concentrate on what's important - designing and building your world.

Get help planning and measuring your perfect summer garden building or alternatively choose from this range of summer houses that are manufactured by members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen.

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